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Es una barra divina. Contiene la pulpa de la sábila (aloe vera), espinaca en polvo, la fórmula de aceites de Aqualeria y aceite esencial de menta y limoncillo. Ideal para todo tipo de piel. Este refrescante jabón dejará tu piel súper suave y limpia.


 Fits: Normal/Dry Skin


*Cada una de estas barras es hecha a mano desde cero. Color, diseño y tamaño puede variar entre barras. 


Aloe 🍃

This is a refreshing bar of soap. Has pure aloe Vera, spinach powder, our signature blend of organic oils and mint and lemongrass essential oil. This bar is perfect for all skin types. It nourishes the body leaving it nice and soft.


Aqualeria disclosure:

The intention of our soap bars will always be to pamper yourself with a really nice shower/bath while cleaning your skin the right way. We know that using a product made with natural ingredients has great benefits for the skin, however, handmade soap is not a medical treatment. In the description of each product we list the ingredients and the recommended skin type that was made for. We always recommend that you use soaps according to your skin type and preferences.

How to make your soap last longer?

You can cut your soap bar in two. Is strongly recommended to keep your soap dry between uses using a draining soap dish.